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From tees to fairways to greens, from the east coast to the west, Syngenta has you covered with Instrata® and Instrata® II snow mould fungicides. 

Take snow mould out of the equation with Instrata® brand fungicides.

With three high-performing active ingredients in a convenient premix, Instrata® fungicide provides long-lasting, industry-leading pink and grey snow mould control – even in the harshest winter conditions.

 Use it under heavy disease pressure and/or on your priority turf.  

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Instrata® II fungicide combines Solatenol® and fludioxonil to deliver winter-long snow mould protection. A snow mould specialist, Instrata II is a great fit for almost every Canadian environment. It also offers a lower AI load while punching well above its weight in disease control.  

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Snow mould? S’no problem.

Learn more about Syngenta snow mould solutions and our Instrata Assurance Offer for 2022. 

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