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Diversity and Inclusion:

They're not buzzwords, they're your new business model.

Welcome to Building Links with Syngenta

We all want to build inspiring places to live, work and play. But beyond the playing surfaces themselves, is the wellbeing and prosperity of the people who form the backbone of our industry.

Building Links is an all-new program from Syngenta that’s dedicated to helping industry leaders like you build a more inclusive, equal and diverse culture at your golf club.

How does this impact my club?

A foundation of diversity and inclusion leads to a more inspired turf team. One that’s more creative, higher performing, deeply invested in the success of the club, and resilient.

A diverse, inclusive culture can also aid you in other areas, like expanding your potential hiring pool, retaining more revenue-positive employees, managing conflict, offsetting labour shortages, and more!

What you can look foward to learning

Building Links is divided up into three sessions each hosted by Brandon Bell, an internationally recognized diversity and inclusion expert.

Session #1: Inclusive Culture Building

This session covers:

  • What an “inclusive culture” means for you and your golf club going forward
  • How building an inclusive culture can help enhance hiring practices, offset and manage labour shortages, unleash untapped creativity, and more
  • Explore realistic steps you can take to adopt and promote a more inclusive leadership style

Meet Brandon Bell, Diversity and Inclusion Lead with Syngenta

Brandon is fascinated by culture and the interplay between systems and the lived experience.

For more than a decade, he has partnered with leaders to design, deliver and implement diversity and inclusion interventions across the public and private sectors. Subscribing to a philosophy that change equity and innovation are found at the junction of policy and practice, Brandon takes a systemic and human-centered approach to his work to deliver tailored, sustainable solutions.

An international facilitator and practitioner, his areas of expertise include equity, diversity and inclusion, international education and globalization, learning and development, and human capital development.

Brandon has had the opportunity to lead and contribute to thought leadership in equity, diversity and inclusion at the annual Diversity Abroad conference, the American College Personnel Association conference and the Women in Agriculture annual meeting.

He has led executive sessions on equity, diversity and inclusion with the Boston Globe Media Group, Verizon Media, AppFolio and other business conglomerates.

In his spare time, Brandon enjoys diving into a variety of sci-fi universes, creating and listening to music, hanging out with friends and enjoying an ultra-hoppy IPA.


The Syngenta ED&I program was a great experience. It was an intimate setting that made everyone feel comfortable to engage in discussions and share experience. Brandon was a fantastic speaker that made all of the material easily digested and very relatable to your own personal experiences. A great program for personal development and understanding ED&I.
- Ethan London, Assistant Golf Course Superintendent, Cottonwood Golf & Country Club


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Session #2: Inclusive Communication

This session covers:

  • Reflect on your unique communication styles as leaders of people
  • Understand bias in communication and how microaggressions impact team dynamics
  • Unpack how to have difficult conversations
  • Learn how to set healthy communications norms

Session #3: Inclusive Performance Management

This session covers:

  • Learn the important distinction between management and leadership
  • Reflect on your leadership style and opportunities to manage people more inclusively
  • Engage and learn practical tips to disrupt and address bias in your people management approach

Watch our recap video and learn more from the summary sheet below.

Watch our recap video and learn more from the summary sheet below.

Watch our recap video and learn more from the summary sheet below.

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