Three Reasons to Join the 
NK Seed Dealer Team

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Set your own business goals

As an independent NK Seed Dealer, you can chart your own direction knowing you've got support every step of the way.

Access to trusted genetics and traits

Be confident knowing that you are recommending solutions derived from the speed, precision and power of the Syngenta R&D engine.

Leading-edge tools and resources

Support your business and customer success with the latest in innovative tools and resources designed by a global science-based Ag Tech company.

Chart your own path as an independent NK® Seed Dealer. You bring your local farming knowledge and relationships, we'll bring proven industry expertise backed by the precision and power of the Syngenta R&D team and customer support. Thanks to NK Seed Dealers, we deliver service experiences that maximize profit potential. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity - take the first step today. 

Three Reasons to Join the NK Seed Dealer Team

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Have Questions?

Explore answers to frequently asked questions below.

Do you provide NK Seed Dealers with benefits?

NK Seed Dealers are not employees, but rather independent businesses selling NK brand products. Thus, there are no employment benefits for NK Seed Dealers. However, we work closely with you to determine your revenue potential. 

What support systems do you provide NK Seed Dealers?

NK has a complete support system for our Seed Dealers, including national, regional, local and online training. Additionally, we provide local sales and agronomy support as well as customer service staff, all dedicated to your success.