Zero Hunger Challenge

Taking action to tackle the issue of food insecurity in rural Canada, together.

End Rural Hunger

Currently at $40,000

We're raising $150,000!

For 2024, our target is to raise $150,000, or 250,000 meals, to alleviate hunger in rural Canada. We kicked things off with a $40,000 donation to Food Banks Canada in January and plan to add to the total throughout the year. Let’s fill this plate together!

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Food insecurity in Canada at all-time high

78% increase in food bank use since 2019

Almost 2M Canadians visited a 
food bank in one month

1/3 of food bank 
users are children

How we’re helping

Advancing Canadian agriculture to feed the world

Canadian agriculture plays a key role in addressing food security. Agricultural innovations by Syngenta and others in our industry help to increase crop yields and quality so that more food is available. Yet there is more that we can do.

In 2023, we launched the Zero Hunger Challenge to shine a light on the issue of food insecurity and inspire monetary donations, employee food drives, harvest donations, and more. We’re challenging ourselves and our partners. Together, we can make a difference.

Not only does Canada have a worldwide reputation for producing safe, sustainable, and high-quality food, we have the farmland, farmers, technology, and research capacity to be part of the solution to global food insecurity.

Trevor Heck  
Syngenta Canada

Our Impact: Nourishing communities through decades

Since 2000, Syngenta has donated more than $1 million to Food Banks Canada. Through the Zero Hunger Challenge in 2023, we contributed more than $50,000, donated over 20,000 lbs of food, and facilitated several other donations equalling more than 225,000 meals to benefit food banks across the country. Our 2024 target will bring our two-year impact to more than a quarter million dollars.

Thank you SO much! We were able to help feed over 800 households with your donation. I really appreciate that you folks have been so generous year after year. It’s so awesome to collaborate with you.

Help achieve zero hunger

Volunteer at a food bank or soup kitchen

Host a food drive with friends and family

Make a harvest donation at a local food bank

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There are many ways to help alleviate hunger:

Stay informed

Check back here to learn more about the Zero Hunger Challenge and other ways Syngenta is helping address food insecurity.

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Canada's role in global food security growing

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